Golden Globes – Yet another sham of an award show…

I’ll be the first one to say that awards, for any creative endeavor, is a joke.  I never watch any award shows… period.  Not even the Oscars.  You cannot compare apples to oranges.  I do believe, though, that you can review performances… especially amongst actors.  With that said, I watched “Lincoln”, and was rather, to put it lightly, completely unimpressed and unmoved.  Of course though, with the subject matter and Daniel Day Lewis playing the part, it was going to get the nomination for best picture and nominated for best actor.  I have seen one Daniel Day Lewis film that I really like, “In the Name of the Father”… and possibly “Gangs of New York” – all the praise for “There Will Be Blood” and “Lincoln” I just can’t grasp.  But, like I said, I knew the film was going to be nominated – it was a given.

The thing that irritates me is I firmly believe Denzel Washington and his performance in “Flight” far outdid Lewis in “Lincoln”.  In my opinion, and although I didn’t see “The Sessions”, Denzel Washington deserved to win.  Period.

But, in a contest where “Django Unchained” (the only good thing in this film is DiCaprio – Christoph Waltz basically plays the same guy he did in “Inglorious Bastards” – anyone could have sat in for Jamie Foxx) and “Zero Dark Thirty” (a fictional film based on a fictional event) were nominated… FOR BEST PICTURE… the whole thing is, was, and will be entertainment itself.

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