How the Soviets used gun control to control

If you think, we as Americans, have the Second Amendment for the purposes of sport you couldn’t be more wrong.  It is an insurance policy against the hijacking of the population by a totalitarian government… and one can surmise we are on, and have been on, the cusp of just such a government;  a government that for the last twelve years has eroded citizens rights with every available excuse.  A government that has continually centralized power within the executive… a move that makes management much more efficient by the real power holding the puppet’s strings.  Below is a few pieces of an article, written in 1990, about gun control, and how it was used to bolster control, in Eastern Europe under the Soviets.

I will not hand over my rights and pay for the crimes of others.  There is no reason over three hundred million American should have their Constitutional rights infringed upon by a government citing the actions of a very small minority.

I’ll leave you with this.  Even if you were to believe that Obama is Mr. Benevolent, you have no idea what may come to be in ten, fifteen, twenty-five, or forty years.


Dave Kopel
(Selected excerpts) 1990

In East Germany, private gun ownership was outlawed, although citizens were allowed to rent hunting guns for one-day periods.

Immediately after World War II, Hungary was governed by a coalition of democrats and Communists. Preparing the way for a total Communist takeover Laszlo Rajk, the Communist Minister of the Interior, ordered the dissolution of all pistol and hunting clubs, as well as of other organizations which might prove a threat to government power. Rajk claimed he acted “in order to more efficiently protect the democratic system of the state.”

Poland, on the other hand, did allow limited ownership of registered target guns with a license from the so-called “Citizen’s Militia.” In December 1981, Poland’s dictator, General Jaruzelski, decided that Solidarnosc had gone too far. He declared martial law, arrested all the pro-democracy leaders he could find, and ordered all firearms and ammunition be turned over to the government.

Nowhere was gun control fiercer than in Rumania. The dictatorship of Nicolai Ceausescu used registration lists to confiscate all firearms in private hands. The government also registered (but did not confiscate) typewriters.

The Ceaucescu regime fell when the Rumanian army turned against the government, and refused to shoot protestors in the streets. Had the Rumanians been well-armed, the population might not have had to endure 45 years of brutal dictatorship, waiting until the regime alienated even the Communist army officers.

Most Rumanians, though, had never touched a gun until they picked up a Kalashnikov assault rifle from the dead hands of a Securitate soldier. One can only speculate about how many Rumanian citizens were mowed down by Securitate because the citizens lacked the first idea about how to fire an automatic effectively, how to clear a firing chamber jam, or how to use a rifle sight.

Isn’t it ironic how, so badly, the governments of Western powers, and all the major media outlets cry for bombing and intervening militarily regarding the Syrian governmenta government they like to paint as tyrannical – yet they all, over and over again, call for stripping guns from American citizens?

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