Connecticut shooting victim, Victoria Soto, created a Facebook FAN PAGE four days prior…

Facebook fan page created for victim on December 10, 2012.  Notice no information, such as why she supposedly created a fan page for herself.

The picture above, my friends, is a screenshot of Victoria Soto’s Facebook fan page… created, get this, FOUR days before the shooting massacre.  Now, let me ask you this; why does a young teacher create a Facebook fan page with zero info about why she has one [was she a band or an actress???]?  While everyone else is caught up with the date of creation I am puzzled by the actual page itself and the date it was made.  Trust me, my Facebook music page has plenty of info regarding why it is there – this one has NOTHING!  Further, it appears both pictures are screenshots from network TV (both pictures are widely circulated and she has become the face of what has transpired).  Who is posting to that account..?

Who is the admin???

Strange, no?

Pages are Facebook accounts that people hit “like” on… such as bands, celebrities, etc.  No person creates a page for themselves unless you are a public figure, artist, or egomaniac, PERIOD.  This, is a fan page for Victoria Soto… NOT a page that anyone would create to stay in touch with “friends”.

Read about the differences between a page and a profile here.

“About”, completely blank.  And again, the only pictures are those being circulated in the media.

Sure, the page could have been renamed… that is true.  But here’s the problem, if it was changed after Friday night and it was already indexed by search engines there should be a cached version right?  And then there is the question of who makes Facebook fan pages to have them sitting there, uncertain what to do with?  And let’s not mention the timing.  Weird in my book either way, but I don’t think there is really any relevance to the page regarding some sort of conspiracy or black op a lot of excited people thrive on discussing.  For sure though, Obama and other government cronies will push harder to kill our Constitutional rights though.

And for sure, there are other strange things about this shooting that don’t add up too well either… kind of like talking with your mouth full of food.



Here is why I don’t buy the typical notion that this page was switched over from another:
This page, is a cached, earlier version, of an Enrique Iglesias fan page, which has been changed to a Sandy Hook memorial page.  If the same applied to the Soto fan page, trust me, it would have been found out – there is some smart people with lots of time on their hands.  But alas, Facebook has deleted the original Soto page which was created on December 10.
See for youself:
Meanwhile, CT police seek criminal charges against those that discuss the shooting spree from angles outside the “official” line.

These questions and opinions are crimes.  Social media is bad, inaccurate, and borders on criminality if posts are not by “authorities”.  This guy is a douche bag.
To the Soto family, and all others that have lost a loved one in this event, my thoughts and sympathy is with you.

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  1. Bryan Douebleu · December 16, 2012

    Isn't that ironic – the page was taken down.

  2. Bryan Douebleu · December 16, 2012

    But fear not – there was a new one created on Saturday – … without all the inquisitive questions.

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