Syria loads chemical weapons into bombs; military awaits Assad’s order [an attempt to discredit the Syrian gov’t]

Jim Miklaszewski and M. Alex Johnson
NBC News
December 5, 2012

The Syrian military is prepared to use chemical weapons against its own people and is awaiting final orders from President Bashar Assad, U.S. officials told NBC News on Wednesday.

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I guess they don’t realize we aren’t all drinking the “stupid” flavor Kool-Aid.  This is insulting.  It is insulting that they expect me to believe a man and government with their back to the wall is willingly setting up to attack its own people – many (if not the majority) of whom they receive support from.
So, let’s take a moment to examine this closer.  “Officials” of one of the nations which is supporting foreign fighters and terrorists overthrow the government of a sovereign nation are out to discredit that same sovereign government?  Well now, even if it were true, do you think chemical weapons would be an option if our government was being attacked by al-Qaeda and other elements on its own soil???
Spin.  Propaganda.  All aimed at bending and cultivating popular public opinion. 
Here’s the deal here; for whatever reason, they (NATO and its handlers) want Assad out.  And the only reason I can see for supporting radical elements is the infamous problem, reaction, solution.  Three years ago, hell, even two years ago, nobody was talking about the evil Assad government.  There is a motive here, one which we can only guess, but it definitely exists, to spark western interest in regime change within Egypt, Libya, and now Syria.
We will all do well to use caution, common sense, and rational thought.  You cannot simply buy that which you have not seen nor witnessed yourself… especially when that information is delivered from a source that has a strange vested interest.  We should not simply buy what “officials” say.  Do I need to do another post on the utterly BS path these “officials” have taken us in the last twelve years???  I sincerely hope that is not necessary.
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