Proposition 37 is losing…

If this is how it is going to be I cease giving a shit at all about the big picture (meaning anything I cannot personally control).  If this is indeed how it’s going to go I am done and this blog is done. 

I will sit quietly back and watch people eat genetically modified food, wonder at the various strains of strange diseases and cancers creep up, watch as ecosystems are destroyed (ex. honey bees)… products that are tested by the biotech companies themselves for a short 90 days, and enjoy the freak show. 

Too bad it wasn’t extremely fast acting.

How absolutely fucking pathetic is it that the people of California obviously care more about lame sports games than things like this.  How the hell is it people fail to have the ability to cut through bullshit spin?!?

China requires labeling of GMO ingredients and we just can’t have that here?  Really?!?

If anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, wants to try and take me to task on this issue you can find me through the Google+ on the right. 

You know what?  You get what you deserve – my only issue with the assholes that vote no on things like this is they effect me; I am at the mercy of a idiot majority, and possibly, so are you. 

Good job you morons.


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