California has the largest group of idiot sports fans…

I realize this is late; for one reason or another I wanted a vacation from the nonsense.

Are Californians, and possibly Americans, really this fucking stupid?!?  So what, their team threw little balls well and hit them with sticks better than the other.  Their team won!  And like the morons that did the same in Los Angeles, we are reminded of the typical primitive minds sports attracts.  You would be hard pressed to find idiots that surpass California sports fans.

These people are the ultimate sheep. 

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  1. Jack · February 3, 2013

    I agree. They BIRG and CORF and have no real depth of character. Shallow, loudmouth punks.

  2. Bryan Douebleu · February 4, 2013

    The insane part is how people actually get off their ass for every single trivial thing out there while doing nothing about anything worthwhile. I don't get it.

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