[Update!] I have four smart meters!

So, today I finally went on the side of my garage to see if I have a smart meter.  I live in a town home, but for some reason I was thinking that when I opened the closet on the side of my garage I’d find only one smart meter.  My electric company is Southern California Edison by the way.  So, on my way back from my car I opened the closet to find this:

Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR smart meters on the side of my garage… right below one of our bedrooms.

So, like an idiot, I called SCE and asked whether or not all four meters were related to where I live.  The moron on the other end of the line refused to tell me any information, irregardless of the fact I was looking for a “yes” or “no” answer to my question.  I continually heard “I cannot give out any other account’s information”.  It turns out, each meter has an address associated with it.  So, not only are we getting constant RF exposure of our meter, we are getting exposure from three other resident’s meters.  To top that off, right outside this closet is a small lawn that divides us from the next town home… can you guess what is sitting 15-20 feet away from the closet housing our smart meters?  Another four smart meters.  That is 8 smart meters within 20 feet of my house, all churning out RF radiation on a constant basis.

Of course, SCE has an opt-out; you pay them a $75 enrollment to have an analog meter installed and then $10 per month thereafter.  Our situation though is, of course, what about the other SEVEN?  Sure, we can try and approach each resident about the issue.  But since these meters aren’t on the other side of their wall do you really think they are going to want to spend $75 for our benefit and then another $10 per month after?  Sure, we could offer to pay their monthly, but in their eyes they will be liable.

In case you were wondering whether or not smart meter concerns are held by tin foil hat wearing nutjobs I’ll provide a few places where you can arrive to whatever conclusion you wish.

Report: Smart meters are bad for your health

Privacy and Health Concerns on “Smart Meters” Growing Globally

EMF Safety Network

Smart Meter Fires and Explosions

Md. regulators probe fire risk of smart meters

‘Smart’ Meters Violate FCC Radiation Exposure Limits Says New Study

Oh, and for those morons out there that say “smart meters transmit roughly once a day through a sms gateway”, this one is for you:

So, what should we do?  I think if my neighbors wont play ball I’ll have to play dirty.  Maybe if SCE constantly have to send someone out to fix broken meters they’ll get the message.

Oh, and another thing; why is it that, due to their “official” line on these dumb meters, why is nobody calling these asshole utilities out on instead of creating jobs and helping the economy, they are instead seeking more money and control?

Is it pure coincidence that every f’ing utility company rolls this out concurrent of each other?  Call me cynical, but I don’t buy that BS for one second.  That’s like all cable companies mirroring each other.  That’s just like all oil companies being in collusion.  Oh, wait a minute…  Right.  So then, from who and how high up did this idea come from?  And why?

Oh… OK.  So, maybe the utilities are in collusion with each other, and at the same time, in bed with or doing the bidding of a higher power!  And, of course, here again, we get the “global warming” and “carbon footprint” bullshit slant.  Preying on ignorance as always.  Straight from this asshole’s mouth, the utilities installation of smart meters is government subsidized.  Which means while in one area big brotha taketh away, he giveth you some good old EMF and RF radiation pollution in your home.  Gee, why would big brotha Obama want to do that?

**Update 10/26/12**:  So Edison sent a technician out to remove our one (of four) smart meters.  The tech was very nice and, believe it or not, was extremely concerned about working with the smart meters.  He said at this time there is a massive class action law suit taking place and word is the suit should reach a conclusion next year.  He also mentioned that all of his co-workers are concerned over smart meter health risks as well… he even asked me for any printed material that he can take with him.  He, and his fellow employees, are aware of the fact that assistance on smart meter deployment has been provided to utilities via the federal government.  Unfortunately, he declined to be interviewed by me… I also offered to block out any of his personal information and face.  A big plus though, is my neighbors can actually talk to him when he is back on site to deal with any number of the remaining meters.

And just to be thorough, he mentioned that people all over our county (Orange County, CA) are opting-out of them… some people even lock-up their analog meters with signs warning Edison to not tamper with their property.  He also said that he has talked to several electrical engineers, on the job, that have all warned him about the associated risks with the meters.  One supposedly asked him why he wasn’t provided with protective gear (he also works on commercial sites that have up to hundreds of smart meters co-located in banks).

On another note, I have heard that co-locating smart meters violates FCC regulations on exposure to EMF and RF.  I have yet to find this myself, but this sort of information is, of course, buried within bureaucratic garbage one must sift through.

**Update 11/02/12**: So far, we have had two of the meters removed and are awaiting removal of the third.  For the fourth, we are going to have to approach the HOA.  Also, our neighbor, who also has four meters on her wall like us, is onboard.

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