The Presidentail Debate and Taxes

Isn’t it funny how, while the dollar is dying a slow, quiet death, everyone, including the two idiots, Romney and Obama, are concerned and talking taxes???

You know, divide and conquer.  Look out for number one.

There is no more sense of community, unless your an immigrant, especially an illegal alien,  within the United States.  There is no more inter-connectedness.  I suppose that that sense of community had slowly began to vanish after WWII.  Sure, in the face of tragedy, Americans tend to band together… but it is always short-lived… much like an alcoholic or drug addicts memory of the pains of addiction are often short-lived after a dry spell.

We divide ourselves (thinking about the “me” and “cutting my taxes”), and we will ultimately be responsible for our fate.  Just as we liked to buy cheap, crappy Chinese products, which led to more and more U.S. companies shutting down domestic manufacturing, we now are reaping the economy we have sown.  And regarding taxes, we reap what we sow because we allow a private organization, the “Federal” Reserve, to print money, in secret no less, and then loan it to the government on interest, interest that your taxes pay… interest that if you don’t pay, the “Feds” henchmen called the Internal Revenue Service exact their pound of your flesh.

I might add also, that the personal income tax was created when the “Fed” began printing money; prior to that time business and trade was taxed, individual labor/income was not.

So, in the end, all these morons that are concerned about cutting their precious taxes completely missed the boat.  There was, and has been, only one person that correctly called the financial game what it is, from the “Fed” on down, and that person was Ron Paul.  Of course, he himself was caught in the partisan game of theater and was unwilling to cut ties with the R’s.

You want it all for next to nothing or you want it all handed to you on a silver platter.

Most of these tools that seek their taxes being cut are pro-war; they are for the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan… but of course, they don’t want to pay for it.  They are for having a military presence within over a hundred foreign nations, but they don’t necessarily want to pay for that personally.  And of course, when private and publicly traded corporations, from the “Fed”‘s own Bank of America to Goldman Sachs to AIG, and many more, were given an insane amount of your tax money, where was the outrage?  The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), which allowed for bailouts utilizing your taxes, was enacted by the Bush administration – not Obama; oh yeah, but they are sssoooo different.  Why is it that within this demographic there was more noise on whether or not Bill Clinton got a blow job in the oval office?  Really – what’s worse, corporate handouts in a BIG way or a blow job?  [In all fairness, the left, also known as Democrats, operate in the same fashion… and this is the manner that keeps the wool over the eyes of Americans.]

And for the record, I do not like the tax scheme or the printing of our money, which has driven down the purchasing power of the dollar for the last 100 years.

The same power structure, of bankers, heads and owners of multinational corporations, and financial elite, control both Obama and Romney.

Think about it; you are offered only two choices.  Who chooses these two choices?  Where do these two receive all their money to campaign?  Money is never given without strings attached.  Why is it, that decade after decade, no “outside” party has ever held the highest office?  Why is it that the media displayed such slanted bias with candidates such as Ron Paul while highlighting those playing “within the systems rule set”?

I’ll tell you why; this game is an illusion.  Again, it’s no different than being told you are going to go to a nice restaurant but you can only order one of two items.  The game is rigged.

In the end, and while Rome (the infrastructure of the United States) continues to burn and erode, NOTHING will change within the next four years as long as the system remains intact as it is today and was ten years ago, and the twenty yet before that.  Mark my words… I promise you, a human being who is master of self-delusion, we will be in the same situation, likely worse, than the one we are in now, October 16, 2012, regardless of whether it is Obama or Romney that infests the office.

Bookmark this page, and read it in four years for a great big “I told you so“.

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