No on California Proposition 37?

I guess no one has informed the creators of this video that there is no such thing as GMO cow milk… wait, the ad is promoted by biotech, so they know this.  But, of course, genetically modified cows are something biotech wants to accomplish – a simple Google search will reveal this.

The only individuals that have something to fear from Prop 37 is biotech firms.  Adding a few words to a damn label does NOT increase costs for a farmer, hence it does not cost more for the consumer.

Did you ever believe people that appear in commercials anyways?  Farmers often operate at lower cost when buying/growing biotech’s GMO seed anyways… so even if there was a farmer growing Monsanto corn denouncing Prop 37, are you going to believe him???  By the way, this practice of getting farms on board the GMO program assists their [biotech] agenda of the total domination of agriculture.

Whether or not Prop 37 was written perfectly matters not.  What matters is that products, some would be better than none, would begin to be labeled for GMO content.  Consumers should know what they are picking up off the shelf at the grocery store.

Oh, one more thing; when have you ever been able to know the ingredients, printed on the packaging, on products sold by fast food or restaurants?  That’s right… never.  It requires much digging on your end to get to the facts, something which I have done often.

The individuals that eat food, which means everyone, stand to be better informed from Proposition 37.  Think for yourself and think about that.

PS: Why do you think that the “NoProp37” YouTube page has disabled ratings or comments?  It is to control popular opinion and they don’t want their videos showing a shit ton of dislikes… because what they put forth is total and complete bullshit.

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