Biotech Scientist: It’s ‘Awesome’ That GMOs Cause Infertility, Death

Anthony Gucciardi
Natural Society

Oct 11, 2012

The debate as to whether or not genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are causing serious health issues like infertility and even death is proclaimed as ‘heated’ and ‘inconclusive’ by the mainstream media, but even the very scientists working behind the scenes appear to acknowledge the reality of their effects. In one such communication I received from a very angry biotech scientist who proclaimed it was ‘awesome’ if GMOs were causing mass infertility and death, it becomes tragically clear that even many of the scientists working in the biotech field know full well that GMOs are causing significant bouts of disease across the globe.

Independently verified by both our team and a separate team of experts, this biotech scientist who works for a well-known firm was either apathetic or ignorant to ways in which you can conceal your identity through more advanced methods than what he utilized. Using profanity and a few words in all capital letters, it’s easy to see just how outraged this scientist is that in my article I deemed those who create GMOs and unleash them on the public without proper warning to be ‘traitors to humanity’. It appears he must have also read the comment section, where readers voiced their own (oftentimes stronger) opinions on these scientists.

In the email, the biotech scientist known as ‘Ed’ explains how he thinks it’s absolutely ‘awesome’ that GMOs are contributing to infertility, as he believes the world is overpopulated. He also attacks me personally for my work on warning the public over the dangers of GMOs (particularly the latest news over the research linking GMOs to organ failure and tumor development). As of right now we have not released the full name of ‘Ed’ nor his organization, but we may in the future after considering the legal concerns.

Here is the Full Email:

I am no traitor against humanity. If this **** causes infertility… Awesome!!
The world is over-populated, and people need to stop having children. This is one of earth’s largest problems.
If the earth wasn’t overpopulated, things like growth hormones wouldn’t EXIST.
The reason they do, is that the earth cannot produce enough food on its own to feed us all.
This is why GMO is actually saving the planet.
So **** you and your ********. I am doing humanity a ******* FAVOR!!!
A REAL ‘traitor to humanity’
– Ed

You can also view the screenshot for yourself here.

GMO Scientists Furious at Growing Public Awareness

The email comes at a time when public awareness over GMOs is growing at an exponential rate. With reality television shows being produced solely on the basis of studying the association between tumor development and GMOs and 2-to-1 lead on the California GMO labeling bill Prop 37, biotech scientists have become furious. After all, for years their corporations have been hiding behind biotech-funded phony science and high level  politicians with deep ties to leading bitoech corporations. As WikiLeaks reveals, they even have many if not all US diplomats on the payroll.

But now, the grasp of biotech corporations on the food chain is dwindling. Russia, Poland, Hungary, Peru, and many other nations have all enacted full or at least partial bans on GMO varieties. In the US, Prop 37 is set to pass this November. While it appears some GMO scientists actually enjoy what they are doing to the public, they also know that the reign of GMO giants is rapidly decaying.

We will continue to post updates on this email and its origins once they are available.

Yes, we shouldn’t have the right to know whether or not we are buying this crap to consume, right?  Oh, I forgot, biotech can also cure world hunger, right?

Honestly, I do think people, especially within the third world and poor populations, have too many kids.  I do think it ironic that while we are by far the most invasive species ever on the surface of this planet, numbering at some 7,000,000,000 and growing, we cull numbers of other beings.

However, I do not think what this man says is ethical in the slightest.  Addressing population numbers should not and does not fall within the scope of responsibilities of a biotech organization.  The only way, and the only ethical way to address the matter, is through factual education… not through covert eugenics or government policy.  If you question this, I suggest you look at birth rates among the industrialized/first-world western nations; for example, the birth rates for native French is lower than ever…

Oh, and the Earth can produce plenty of food.  But instead, we manage agriculture poorly, instead opting for monoculture and vast expanses of land to raise cattle versus crops… options that not only impact the amount and quality of food, but have detrimental environmental effects as well.

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