Prop 37 Ad Wars: Monsanto’s $ vs. The Truth About GMOs

Alexis Baden-Mayer & Ronnie Cummins
Organic Bytes #349
October 4, 2012

According to the latest Los Angeles Times poll, California supporters of Prop 37 – the November 6th ballot initiative that will mandate labeling for genetically engineered food – outnumber our foes almost three to one.

We’re going to have to fight hard to hold onto this lead. 

Opponents of our Right to Know – Monsanto, DuPont and their allies – are currently outspending us seven to one, and we expect that margin to grow to ten to one before election day. Big Food Inc. and the Biotech Bullies have $35 million to spend on TV ads, and they’re already bombing the airwaves.

We’re not raising enough money to get our ads on TV as often as theirs, but we’ve got something else they don’t.

The truth!

And people like you.

If you share our Right to Know TV ads with your friends, the videos are sure to go viral.

Also, please sign up to volunteer for the campaign – you don’t have to be in California to contact the state’s voters via phone, email or social media.


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