2 US border agents shot, 1 killed, near major drug corridor in Arizona

October 2, 2012
A Border Patrol agent was killed while patrolling on horseback near the Arizona patrol station named after Brian Terry, another agent killed on duty in 2010.
Federal and state authorities launched a vast manhunt along a remote part of the Arizona-Mexico border for three to four suspects in a Tuesday shooting that left one Border Patrol agent dead and another wounded.

Dozens of investigators in helicopters and on horseback were searching an area as large as 20 miles for the suspects who opened fire on the agents as they approached to check on a tripped ground sensor shortly before 2 a.m.

The Border Patrol identified the slain agent as Nicolas Ivie, 30.

Ivie and two other agents were attacked near the location where fellow Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was shot to death in December 2010.

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The United States military should be on our southern border, not occupying and policing foreign sovereign nations.  How many people need to die at or near our southern border before we do anything?  How much more bullshit do we want entering our cities?  
We need to legalize drugs.  Anyone that wants heroin or coke isn’t not going to get it because it’s illegal; it’s time we pull our heads out of our collective asses.  Besides, Pfizer and other profit-hungry corporations can peddle their drugs to you on TV..  The longer we keep kidding ourselves with this absurd “war on drugs” we keep certain elements in business.  Legalized, the risk/reward is no longer there… and the big payoffs vanish.
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