The media spin on what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said regarding Israel

While all “major” media outlets are headlining pieces with titles such as “Israel will be eliminated“, and by “major”, I am referring to all the major corporate media outlets; The New York Times, FOX News, and more.  They also call him defiant… of what exactly I don’t know… maybe he should be selling Israel arms or something.  A few actually got his message right by using titles such as “Ahmadinejad has harsh words for Israel”.

The truth of the matter is that Ahmadinejad, while in so many ways seems backwards to most, regarding Israel, he refers simply to ending the occupation of Palestinian lands… and Palestine’s right to self-governance.  How can you argue against this?

I, personally, don’t think Ahmadinejad or Iran to be anti-Semitic.  Iran has one of the oldest Jewish populations, dating all the way back to Biblical times.  In the Iranian capital, it is estimated that there are over 25,000 Jews living there.

Film producer Haroun Yashyaei, a Jew living in Iran, describes life in Iran as a Jew as this:

Ruhollah Khomeini didn’t mix up our community with Israel and Zionism, take it from me, the Jewish community here faces no difficulties.

The quote above was originally included in a piece on The Christian Science Monitor, titled Jews in Iran Describe a Life of Freedom Despite Anti-Israel Actions by TehranInterestingly, the piece has now been removed.

Just to avoid confusion, here is what Ahmadinejad told CNN’s Piers Morgan:


In the end, no matter how you cut it, we, the west, have caused every single situation we now face in the middle east.  From creating the state of Israel in 1947, the west and the Soviets using Iran and Iraq as proxy armies, to interfering with Iran’s autonomy on behalf of British Petroleum… and I will refrain from bringing up propped-up totalitarian regimes, we are to blame…

I am not a fan of Ahmadinejad in any form.  I just despise spin and do not want to see war break out; as with all things, stories change and transform as they are retold… especially so if it fits a current agenda.

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