Iraq War Veteran Says His Superiors Tried to Silence Him

William Dotinga
Courthouse News Service

September 21, 2012

An Iraq war veteran claims in court that his superiors drugged and kidnapped him to keep him from telling the press about Abu Ghraib prison abuses – and that Saddam Hussein’s still-missing WMDs were made in the U.S.A.

[…] Torture is a recurring theme in [Frank Gregory] Ford’s complaint. He says he was based at the now-infamous Abu Ghraib prison. Allegations of human rights violations at the prison – including physical, psychological and sexual abuse, torture, reports of rape and sodomy, and murder – committed by U.S. military personnel culminated in the removal of 17 soldiers and officers from duty. By 2006, 11 soldiers were convicted in courts martial, imprisoned and dishonorably discharged for their roles in the abuse.

[…] “He’s concerned about being killed,” Goodwin said. “He’s more worried about that than being prosecuted. Whether by U.S. forces, Iraqi forces, Al Qaida or what have you, Frank worries about being killed for what he knows.”

Read full article

Read Ford’s Complaint .pdf



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