French cartoons further incite the Muslim world…

The ‘Charlie Hebdo’ offices after being fire bombed in 2011…

It appears that the French left-wing anarchist magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’ is, or was, attention starved.  When the world is already upside down, and much of it is due to a pitifully biased film aimed to piss off Muslims, they felt the need to publish a cartoon depicting Mohammed nude.  While my belief is that all sides are insane, equally those inciting and those raging, this “magazine” just simply lacks any form of critical thinking… essentially blinded by any increase in publicity.  Problem is, when you are pissing off a group of people so hot-headed your stupid decision can cost someone their life or property.  In the minimal sense it has created a huge pain in the ass situation for the French government, a government currently aiding elements of al-Qaeda in Syria.

So, good job ‘Charlie Hebdo’.  You did it again.  If I handed out an award for “moron of the day”, or week, or possibly the year, you’d be a runner up, right behind the makers of the shit film that kicked this all off… and right along side those you incited.

When you think about it, and recall grade school, the Muslim world is like the kid everyone picked on and pushed buttons, because he’d get so mad.  The problem is, nobody is in grade school these days… yet they still act like it.

A Parisian Kosher grocery store was attacked on September 19, 2012…

In case you were wondering, France has closed embassies due to this magazine.  I’m sure they are very pleased with ‘Charlie Hebdo’.  France also has decided to ban demonstrations against the film that lit the fuse on the Muslim world.  Already, there has been one attack in France targeting Jews.


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