Quantitative Easing Explained!

If you are like me, you need this to cut through the “Federal” Reserve bullshit…. like how they call printing money out of thin air “Quantitative Easing” instead of calling it what it really is.  All the while we are more and more in debt.  The whole system places you and your government in debt to the banks and firms associated with the Federal Reserve.

The Fed prints money out of thin air.  The Fed lends the money to the gov’t on interest.  The New York branch of the Fed, ran by an ex-Goldman Sachs man, then buys Treasury bonds from Goldman Sachs.  The printed, devalued dollars then disperses, and the taxpayer inherits the debt… payable to the IRS… and then on up the food chain.

In the end time is going to catch up with these people.  More and more people are realizing what a sham the financial system is… and that of course includes the entire 99 year history of the “Federal” Reserve with their history of continual devaluing of the dollar. 

Value of the U.S. Dollar since the creation of the “Federal” Reserve.

I just really hope I get to see it in my lifetime… nothing would be better than seeing the individuals involved paying.

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