Libyan President: ‘Foreigners’ Responsible For Embassy Attack

“We have assumptions and we have some information, and all that information we have now leads to the same direction about the perpetrators, the criminals,” Magariaf told NBC in the interview aired on “Nightly News” Saturday.

Foreigners were involved in the planning and execution of the attack, he said.

Magariaf did not identify where the foreigners came from but said he was sharing details with U.S. officials.

Gee, who could these foreigners be?  al Qaeda.  The same globalist tool Obama and France are assisting now in Syria.  Problem = Reaction = Solution.  al Qaeda is now also in Libya, Egypt, and Syria… each place where the western backed “Arab Spring” occurred.  And once more, the Arab/Muslim population allows themselves to be played like a puppet by allowing others the power to manipulate and antagonize them by even such stupid things as an insanely horrible and biased pile of crap film.

So the Libyan president is sharing information on where the foreigners originated from with one of the countries that used the same foreigners to stir the hornets nest in the first place?  Smart man.

Isn’t the timing of all this a bit ironic?  Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed on… 9/11.  Just sayin.


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