The CFR and the art of political flatulence…

Maybe this is why nothing ever changes?  Yet, time and time again, we delude ourselves into thinking partisan politics
 is real.

The cronies over at the CFR seem to have been keeping a lid on military aggression aimed at Iran.  I, mistakenly, ran into a public article posted on their site last April which talks about “bad timing”, “the case for regime change in Iran”, and “lessons learned from our last preventative war”.  Can someone tell me what a preventative war is??? – Could I go rob my neighbors house in order to prevent her from robbing me?  Oh, the nasty things I’d have gotten away with in my life if these same rules applied to me.  And, just who the fuck does Jamie M. Fly and Gary Schmitt think they are to propose regime change in another nation?  With roughly one-sixth of Americans on foodstamps and 100 million on some form of assistance these morons obviously offer zero benefit anywhere if not suggesting changes here at home.  You can read the article here as well as entertain yourself with their back-and-forth self-importance.  
I think the Council on Foreign Relations derived at the word “Relations” as in a sexual context… because in essence it stands for fucking over countries and people.
I’m just DYING, dying to know what Angelina Jolie‘s take is on all this (if it isn’t obvious, I’m kidding).  Just as with banks, there is an hierarchy among these “elite” “thinkers”… and the CFR is not at the top of the food chain.  But, it still doesn’t hurt to recruit people that can give “good” PR (or just enchant the public).
Keep in mind, what the CFR posts online is assumed laundered for public consumption.  I wish the reality of the CFR ended with their self-importance… but the fact of the matter is we allow our politicians to collude with business and financial interests behind closed doors.  But, like they always say, “It’s for our best interest”.  Remind the people of Greece and Spain about their interest.
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