Police Brutality Worse than Rodney King – The Robert Leone Story

All of the events occurred in 2010, yet, nothing has been resolved.  To date, Robert Leone is still incarcerated; he is 2.5 years into a 16 to 48 month sentence.  The involved civil “servants” are, to this date, free.

We’ve all seen, heard of, or come into contact with cops drunk on their own “power”.  These individuals seem to forget that their salaries are paid by the public.  Also, these individuals use fear to their advantage; they always prey on what they consider the weak, while they themselves are actually weak – hidden and propped-up behind a badge and gun.  You can clearly hear the cop talking all sorts of shit to Robert Leone while he is hog-tied, while he has tasers, a gun, fellow-police, and what appears to be the power of the law behind him.  I suppose he thought there’d be no way anyone would disbelieve his/their account of these events… and even if they did, it would be a he said-she said deal.  The real funny part (what happened to Mr. Leone is not funny at all), but the funny part about the cop beating a hog-tied Robert is that in reality that cop feels very small.  The cop acting like a tough guy, accusing Mr. Leone of thinking he was a tough guy, could not be farther from tough.

This cop, the one doing all the talking, is a pure moron.

“Who do you think you are messing with?  This is the Pennsylvania State Police!!!  It’s not just some chumps.”

Obviously, even a power ranger badge wouldn’t cure this morons low self image.

In the meantime, Robert Leone is a prisoner of corrupt individuals, and held hostage from justice and due process.


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