Apple Patent Shuts Down Your Smartphone

(engadget)  Now that the patent trial of the decade is over bar the shouting, everyone’s back to ensuring they’ve called shotgun on enough of tomorrow’s technology. Cupertino has won a patent to enforce policies when your wireless device enters a specific location. Dry as that may sound, it means that your smartphone could automatically switch to silent and disable its display as soon as you enter a movie theater. Of course, it’s as likely to remain in Bruce Sewell’s bottom drawer as it is to be a feature in the next iPhone, but as perpetually-annoyed cinema-goers we’d pay good money to see it retrospectively installed in every handset from the last decade.

I want to know why companies think they can sell you a product yet still manipulate it.  And I think, most people are a little concerned with the possible misuses of this tech.  Additionally, how about if everyone in the Aurora, CO Batman massacre couldn’t use their phones because of stupid, big brother style, bullshit like this?
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