Teenage Riots in Sweden

Media spins nationalism as “bad”…

Demonstrations by socialist vs patriotic [no spin here] groups during a May Day holiday in Sweden turns violent.

Oh my God, “the nationalists went through a park where families were having picnics”?!?  How in the hell did we not hear about women and children, families, all slaughtered while enjoying a picnic lunch?  I’ll tell you why, because the narrator of this video is full of spin… she, and the creators of the video, are displaying their bias loud and strong.  But, sadly, most people don’t get this.  They are simply not objective enough.

na·tion·al·ism[nashuh-nl-iz-uhm, nashnuh-liz] – devotion and loyalty to one’s own nation; patriotism.

Here’s the thing; how, and why, is it wrong, bad, or evil, to be nationalistic; ie. patriotic; ie. protecting your country, its economy, and sovereignty?  Why is it bad to not want jobs in your country going to an imported work force???

It’s not.  But, these days, with the media, universities, and groupthink, we are indoctrinated to believe nationalism is a bad thing; being patriotic is okay in all things but in action… you can wave a flag around or sing a national anthem all you like, but the moment you write, speak, or demonstrate beliefs that aim to protect national identity and economies, you are suddenly labeled “xenophobic”.

Come visit the United States if you are a Swede that champions cutting jobs away from Swedish citizens.  Come and visit Los Angeles, San Bernardino, or Stockton, California if you think social programs and tax revenue should be allocated for providing for illegal migrants.

Last off, just as some have said of crime statistics here in major U.S. cities, go and speak with women in Norway about rape statistics.

To be nationalist does not mean to be a Nazi.  We can also say that the Nazi party was socialist… can we not?  People that do this, as you see in the video, play semantics, and twist things in favor of their bias (a bias which is learned and which lacks any rational, abstract thought).

In the end, is not so hard to understand why people feel the way they do?!?  Anyone out there that doesn’t want to protect American jobs for Americans, Mexican jobs for Mexicans, Russian jobs for Russians, and so on should pave the way, if they are employed, by resigning from their position so an immigrant may take that position.  Anyone that doesn’t do this, has neither been in the unemployment lines and is completely full of crap… without any principle.

And once more, for the first world, according to globalist cabal members, the first world must be brought down to meet the third in the middle.

Someone, please tell me how nationalism is RACIST?  Good luck coming up with a clever way to do so, because it has absolutely nothing to do with racism.

Globalism will be defeated with, or without, the hypnotized, bleeding heart, zombies out there.

Oh yeah, and again, here, we see the moronic “black block” kid provocateurs…  Also, who started the violence?  Who was throwing bottles and rocks at the other?  Of course, there are morons in any and all groups.

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