Adam Carolla on illegal immigrants in Los Angeles…

He is absolutely right in that the citizens are consistently squeezed to generate revenue for cities, counties, and states that are in dire financial straits.  So, while not only are we, American citizens, being screwed by our government (along with their lack of taking control over our currency) by handing the same corporations billions in bailouts that have purchased representation in DC, we are also screwed by local governments as well, also, do to their inability to take any corrective actions on root causes.

This is exactly the sort of things that have been leaked by Bilderberg informants (typically hospitality staff); the individuals that want centralized control over every continent on the planet feel that, in order to move to a controllable one world government, the United States economy and industry must be destroyed.

Problem = Reaction = Solution



“The most commonly quoted source for this is a report by Heather McDonald and published by the Center for Immigration Studies.  She repeated her research on April 13, 2005 in testimony before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on “Immigration, Border Security, and Claims” saying that 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide in Los Angeles targeted illegal aliens.”
“According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, about half the births in Los Angeles County in 2004 were to undocumented women.  In 1989 California required by law that the state  Medi-Cal program be available to pregnant women living in poverty.” [50%!!!  Again, FIFTY PERCENT!!!]
“As the Spanish-speaking population of Los Angeles has grown so has the presence of Spanish-speaking media.  We counted about 18 stations in Los Angeles that are either Spanish or are multi-cultural and include Spanish in their music or programming.  At this writing, four of the top ten stations in Los Angeles are Spanish and the number-one station is usually Spanish.”
“The U.S.Census Bureau reported that as of 2004, 3.9 million people in L.A.County spoke only English at home; 3.7 million spoke primarily Spanish at home.”

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