NYPD Shoots Protective Dog…

What does the NYPD do when called to a scene where a homeless man had a seizure and his dog is trying to protect him?  They don’t call an animal control unit; instead they call two low iq dunces and shoot the dog.

Notice how the dog went after the lady in the beginning trying to keep her away; she wasn’t even phased or freaking out.  Notice how impulsive the two morons in uniform are.  Any jackass out there knows that dogs are protective… an animal control officer could have had this under control within seconds.  Notice how after there is no mad rush to give aid to the man either.  Citizens of NYC should feel safe with these two knee-jerk morons walking a beat in their hood.

I like how so many media outlets are spinning this as “NYPD shoot rabid/aggressive dog”.

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Also, recently, days before NYPD shot the dog, they shot and killed a man wielding a knife in the middle of Times Square.  Read about the other shooting that has the great NYPD playing defense;  Darrius Kennedy Shooting: NYPD Defends Killing Knife-Wielding Man In Times Square



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