Why WikiLeaks is good…

… or if you just have had your head stuffed way up your ass watching Bill O’Reilly, please clike the link below.

“Information is the currency of democracy.” – Thomas Jefferson
Whoever controls information controls popular opinion; and in my country, because of this, most of us look like morons to the world because we allow ourselves to have our perceptions cultivated through external forces.  If you enjoy the fact that certain governments run amok and wild, with their actions always hidden from view and sugarcoated within the media, you likely belong living under a tyrranical regime you like to profess to hate.

And to that asshole named Bill O’Reilly; You sir are the traitor.  You are simply a pacifying mouthpiece for conservative middle-class and up… advocating for and used by the very system that loves to operate outside of the light of day.  Seriously, if this man didn’t land a media gig he’d likely have ended up an evangelical preacher.


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