Music that’s so bad it’s good…

The one and only… part one above, part two below.  She plays a mean air guitar.
If you’re looking for more punishment there is a part three and four… as well as an excellent interview from the Daily Show here (a MUST see).
Well, I’m inspired now.
She might get booted from her apartment; guess those kick ass jams she wrote wasn’t enough to pay the bills.  You can help her pay her rent by visiting this site.  You can always send me money too you know…

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the “performing for Marilyn Manson” thing they spoke of at the site above… here it is (you can’t put lipstick on a pig [and no, I’m not saying that because she is overweight… I am saying that because of her stellar performance]):



  1. l3anyan · August 1, 2012

    I am seriously considering donating $10 to receive a phone call from the one, the only, Jan Terri just so that I can interview her.

  2. ML · August 4, 2012

    you should record a cover of “losing you” for cristin.

  3. l3anyan · August 4, 2012

    damn dude… now if she sees this all spontaneity is lost.

  4. l3anyan · August 4, 2012

    well, i can always do “get down goblin” i guess.

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