Goodbye Posse Comitatus…

With the recent upheaval in Anaheim, CA, where two alleged gang-members were shot by police, (Anaheim is far from the happiest place on Earth – there is a large proportion of lower middle-class and poor Hispanics, some native, others illegal aliens, and some gang issues – the rest of the city looks nothing like that you find around Disneyland) military personnel were seen photographing protestors… and no, I don’t think he was a member of ICE.

I found this on Twitter.

I am prior-service, and it irritates me when I see helos, jets, and other military units in the city, in my book they don’t belong in American cities… and I especially detest seeing them at sporting events and road check-points providing “security”, and even more when they do urban exercises with U.S. cities.  I’ve had debates with people over this time and time again, people whom are blind by “red, white, and blue”… people who simply say “it’s their country too”.  I suppose they just don’t get the fact that the standing military is designed for external use, and that use was to be defensive; and this is exactly what Adams and Jefferson warned (read this great piece) and maybe something Eisenhower foresaw.


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