Progress (or lack of) in Egypt

So, without talking out of the sides of my mouth like government officials everywhere, here’s my take on what happened and what is going on:

The United States (my country) and other NATO powers sought to give the illusion to the people of Egypt that they support the rights of Egyptian citizens and to accomplish that, they utilized certain groups and organizations to topple the Mubarak regime, to later install another puppet to whom they hold the leash.  They got half of what they wanted across the board and now are pushing extremely hard to do the same in Syria.  The problem is that for the common people in these countries nothing has changed; there is still violence and there is still oppression.  We can’t let people sort out there own affairs???  I can’t and refuse believe any representations of fact in the U.S. media or any other for that matter.

Here’s an earlier post I did on Egypt and the great change that transpired there.  I knew it was going to end badly and knew what a sham and witch hunt Libya was; we Americans are walking-talking oxymorons – we hold nobody accountable for anything yet are chomping at the bit for guys like Gadhafi or al-Assad to “get what’s coming to them”.


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