What can you do to help bees?

I am going to assume that if you’re reading this you are aware of the plight of bees in North America and Europe.  There are things all of us can do to become part of a solution… from writing letters and canvasing to stop government subsidizing of monoculture (and GMO) crops to voting with our money and buying organic fruits and vegetables.  Other things we can do is to cease utilizing pesticides on our properties, and if you live in a condo etc., urge the home owner association to stop (supported by evidence that their use only promotes adaptation by the “pests” while suppressing that which is supposed to be protected).  We can also plant flowers and plants that can provide for local bee populations year-round.  Stop buying honey; most honey is fake anyways.  Again, stop buying products where migratory, commercial bees are used (always monoculture crops which are toxic deserts).  And last, we can watch, share, and pirate/distribute films like Vanishing of the Bees and Queen of the Sunsocial media and especially in personal conversations – TALK ABOUT IT (the message is paramount).  Just think about it for a moment; bees are responsible for 40% of our food… not to mention their contribution to flowers and other vegetation.

Where is Thom Yorke (the new Bono?), Al Gore, Obama, and all the other pro-planet people on this issue???  Guess you can’t cultivate an image or create a tax Ponzi scheme borne from bees.  If I’m driving a car that is getting so overheated it could catch fire I wouldn’t be looking to address a tire with a slow leak first.  That’s just what all these people do environmentally (though, I agree with Yorke on plastic).


We need to stop seeing ourselves as separate from each other and the rest of the world we live in and all the other beings in it (bees included)… everything is connected, and all of our actions have an effect.  Sadly the effect of much of human activity is negative.  I will never understand why someone would move into a semi-rural area, get upset that rabbits eat a little bit of their grass on their lawn, and want to kill those animals… as if that lawn is more precious than any life.  I would love to see rabbits, squirrels, bees, birds, etc. when I sit in my backyard much more than seeing blades of grass anyways (unfortunately my view consists of bricks and a vinyl fence).  It is very easy for me to view human beings as a sort of cancer or virus upon the planet, and I have said that to people in private conversations, to which they would say “we aren’t all bad”, and to which I’d respond, “all the cells within a cancer-ridden body aren’t bad either, but that body is still terminal – those good cells just aren’t enough”.  Also, anyone that says the WWII generation is the “greatest generation” is narrow-minded (all of my grandparents were in WWII – I respect their service and them personally, but I don’t hold their generation in blanketed, generalized high regard); out of that generation spawned realized globalization, destruction of natural habitat on an unheard of pace, the realization of corporate power, the military industrial complex, the suppression of advancement within energy and medicine, off-the-chart use of chemicals and pesticides, and on and on… only for their kids that protested in the ’60’s to “join the club”.  I don’t want to think we are akin to a cancer or virus, but the truth is right now, to me, in so many ways, we are terminal and asleep in the backseat (not even at the wheel – like that Radiohead video Karma Police).

The bee is like the canary in the coal mine as well as a sort of karma police.

We have such potential for good, I think I am clinging to that by tooth and nail… one of the reasons I blog the things I do.  Part of me wishes I was born in another time when the issues we face today, extinctions/pollution/vast corruption and greed, didn’t exist… but then I realize how crucial this time is, especially for kids like my nieces and nephews (they will be the ones that will, if we teach them properly, have a chance to right our wrongs – but it must begin with us)… a time in which to have your identity and purpose dictated by how you punch a clock and earn money is spiritually hollow.  As sad as it is, it’s an exciting time to be alive.

More on how to help bees:


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