AmeriPAC – the American Politics As Usual Comittiee

Some how I ended up on this “organizations” email distribution list.  Today when I checked my email I saw an email from them titled “This is Our country, not the United Nations”, regarding UN Agenda 21, which is real, but when hitting any of the links in their email, links that are supposed to encourage people to email their Representatives and whatnot, this is what you get:

As you can see, these morons care so much about trying to thwart globalism that they want to charge you to send correspondence to the roaches in DC.  Further, if you look at the first picture at the top of this post you will see that AmeriPAC is indeed full of morons that are stuck with the belief that Republicans are different than Democrats.

Since 1980, AmeriPAC has helped fund and elect a large number of candidates to public office.”

Hey AmeriPAC, you’ve been doing the same shit now for what, by your own admission, thirty-two fucking years?  Your organization has surely done absolutely nothing aside from coddling ignorant, myopic, and absurd partisan politics.  Where were you the whole time globalist agendas have been carried forth from R to D and back?  While I am not a fan of Obama just as I wasn’t a fan of Bush or Clinton, the myopic focus you have on Obama is silly and immature; do you really think Obama is in control and if he no longer sits in office the agenda ceases?!?

Needless to say, I hit the unsubscribe link.  What a joke.  

Where were assholes like this and the Tea Party hijackers (yes, the tea party was hijacked by morons – it was started by Ron Paul supporters and taken over by partisan R idiots) when Bush was in Office?  Where are the liberal democrats now and where were they when Clinton was setting the precedent of fucking over our economy?

Just, I beg of anyone reading this, KNOW that the left/right political game is a sham and a distraction; they vary only on the surface, and agendas are carried by both… and the reason why one side displays dissent at a time is because they are trapped in a fake paradigm.


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