HIV vaccine infects 172 patients…

If you do the math, the odds state 1 in 10 individuals became infected with HIV.
Personally, I don’t do vaccines, nor do I necessarily believe they work; further, if the fact was they did work, I still take issue due to the fact of the other things you are dosed with.
Here is the conclusion from HIV Vaccine Trials Network:
“There was no evidence that the Merck Ad5 trivalent vaccine prevented infection or lowered viral set-point.”
[Click the image to enlarge]

I don’t know if it is just me, but after reading the article I detect some classic doublespeak.  It appears that if a patient reacts to the vaccine they have a chance for increased susceptibility to HIV infection.

So wait a minute, let’s see; 1 in 10 actually become infected and and unknown percentage were made more susceptible to infection by an increase of two or four times that of normal.  Looks to me Merck has another winner on their hands.

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