California ballot to label GMO’s…

On May 2, the California Label GMOs campaign turned in 971,126 signatures (almost twice the number we needed) for a November 2012 ballot initiative for labels on genetically engineered food.

 Monsanto is hard at work spreading lies in an attempt to confuse the more than 90% of voters who want labels on genetically engineered food. They’re getting help from “California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse” (CALA), an industry front-group created by the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) with funding from Monsanto. CALA’s Maryann Marino, is the anti-labeling side’s main spokesperson. Make no mistake, she represents Monsanto.

CALA/ATRA has backed Monsanto and the biotech industry in every legal dispute they’ve ever involved themselves in. They’ve come out in favor of Monsanto against the non-GMO farmers who don’t want to be contaminated with Monsanto’s altered genes and are seeking refuge from the 143 patent infringement lawsuits Monsanto has brought. They’ve supported Monsanto against people the company knowingly poisoned with PCBs. And, they’ve taken Syngenta’s side in disputes over the company’s endocrine-disrupting pesticide atrazine.

Unfortunately, the corporate media isn’t investigating CALA’s false claim that it represents farmers and small businesses. We need your help to bring the truth to light.



News coverage of the historic May 2 delivery of 971,126 signatures in support of GMO labels:


Wall Street Journal:


Sacramento Bee:

This post has borrowed from several sources, which, at 
the moment I am too lazy to cite; the point is providing 
information, not to pat ourselves on the back anyways.

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