Sailing the Seas of Cheese – In a sea of the mundane: music worth your time…

Below are some of my recent findings and, being a nice guy, I’m here to pass this information along to you.  Nowadays, more than ever, to me, music has by and large become completely boring; you have “mainstream” (ie. what is put forth by the RIAA which tends to not favor artistic capacity), dime-a-dozen generic rock bands, too-many-to-count ambient and “post”-rock acts that apply the same formula that the RIAA plays – meaning they are using a recipe versus creating their own “thing” (this is questionably even more boring than what you might find on your radio dial because of a slow build to paint drying).  As with anything, a little digging and effort on our part yields that there is some quality music being made… 
All three of the bands featured below offer their material for download via Bandcamp at a small price (or free) that includes your choice of format (including lossless).  I have actually paid for all of their material (well, the bands that did charge a cheap $5 fee that is).  The little guys like this are the ones to support (not that bands on major labels get much money per record sold – they tour to make their money).

The following is taken from their Facebook page:

Minutes began playing music in the summer of 2008. Composed of Chafe Hensley, Mark Larmee, Ryan Nelson, and Isaac Turner, all of whom are solidly “in their 30’s”, the band was started as an outlet for songs written by all members of the band. The modus operandi from day one was to enjoy the act of making music, create songs that are natural to their cumulative experiences, and to “serve the song.” Each member can play, with varying degrees of dexterity, numerous instruments, which creates a palette of opportunities from which to choose.

The sound of the music, if you don’t have access to the online presence of the band, is something akin to the music of Mission of Burma, Wire, Superchunk, Fugazi, Neil Young, or other guitar-based bands of the last forty years. 


Whales – March Twenty-Twelve EP

The following is borrowed from their Facebook page:

Chicago rock band Whales experiment with noise, dynamics, and melody. Their music is firmly rooted in basement rock, and branches towards sculpted towers of spaced-out sonics that wrap themselves around indelible melodies. Whales is busy writing material for their sophmore release titled Plate Tectonics, to be released in late 2012. Serve the song. Noisy heaven-rock. Est. 2009. 

[Now, I will let you know that they do have a full-length available, and it’s quite good… the only reason I chose to use this rather than that is due to how I absolutely love the track ‘Adrift‘.  So do yourself a favor and dig deeper…]


Making appears to be a 3 piece from Sydney, Australia.


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  1. l3anyan · April 20, 2012

    the more i try and fix blog posts the worse it seems to get… so, i while i am aware this post is asymmetric i am done banging my head against the wall trying to make it look right. point is to get info across, not look pretty.

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