To try and catch a cheater…

When looking at my referring sites I noticed traffic coming to my blog from a site offering services to spy on whomever your intended target is.  It looks like someone that has or is a reader of my blogs might be up to no good.

This post is to be a message to that person, who may be screwing over his family, friends, and their own dignity.  This is coming from a guy that sees attractive women, but unlike other animals, I don’t run around and look for opportunities to stick my finger in other water…  My actions are not dictated by what I have in my pants.

Let this serve as a heads-up if this person is in fact doing wrong to her/his significant other; if you need to live life as an hedonistic animal do so – be an adult… break off your relationship, accept responsibility, face the consequences, and stop wasting another person’s life, and your time.

With that said, the notion that anyone has the ability to spy on you (listen to you and your private conversations, among other things) is a bit unsettling to me… yet I understand that there are people out there that are being severely fucked over by their significant other and are completely in the dark about it… that is, aside from suspicion.  I always knew that government agencies had this ability and never liked it, and I always thought that it was a total violation of our rights… needless to say that these agencies can spy on you even with your phone turned off.

I think, maybe in most cases, people and their gut instincts are typically right on track (just as when you take a test they say your first answer is statistically the right one), and these notions are often ignored because as I’ve always said – people do not like inconvenience… and in these cases it is both parties – the victim and the abuser.  The victim does not want their lives turned upside down and the abuser selfishly doesn’t want to give up anything.  I find this terribly sad, and these people, the victims, should be reminded that character is only built and strengthened when facing tribulation.

I think if people were true to themselves and those around them maybe the world might be a little bit better.  I’m not saying I am perfect and I, regretfully, don’t have a perfect past either.  There is enough greed in the world that it is a shame to allow it to consume you and your personal relationships, no?


For those that think they might be on the receiving end of a “cheater”: Listen to yourself… that inner voice, and take the time to rationally contemplate it.  Remember that if the worst-case is true, the worst thing you can do for yourself is to ignore it (think of it as a form of cancer – your relationship is malignant).  The best thing you can do is to face it head on and begin to live your life (you only have one), do the things you always wanted to do but never had the courage.

And for those out there cheating (be it in any form): Be true in the sense you are not two people living within the same space at the same time; exchanging masks and personalities as you see fit to benefit yourself, much to the detriment of those you overtly act like you care for and love.


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  1. Unknown · August 25, 2016

    We are a team of Professional Hackers and private investigators

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