Verizon and cable companies are in collusion to control broadband markets…

Verizon has struck a backroom deal with a cartel of cable companies — including Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications — to stop competing against one another and instead divvy up the spoils of the growing mobile market. And they’re keeping mum on the details of this arrangement.
Whether you use a mobile phone or a desktop to access the Internet, this secret deal is bad news for anyone wanting online communications to be affordable and open to all. The public must know the specifics about these shenanigans — and the FCC should reject this deal.

 All we need is large corporations dominating markets further… and holding markets so that competition is stifled – yeah right… that would be good for the economy, consumers, and for technological growth.  Further, all we need is more assholes becoming “too big to fail”.  
I have Cocks… oops, I meant Cox (though calling them cocks fits the bill), and they are literally the worst ISP I have had the misfortune of being stuck with.  Their service is crappy and their support is even worse, if you can believe that.  And, we all know that these companies already have territories divided up into rackets, just like one mob doesn’t step on the others turf to turn profits… and due to this our actual choices with internet providers are dictated to us.  Just like our democracy in the U.S. is a sham, the notion of free markets is also a sham.  Now, if we know these companies already have agreements set in place, what is it that they are attempting to accomplish now?  Nothing positive for you and I, I assure you.  Please sign this to voice your opposition of corporate rackets to the FCC.

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