Help to keep California’s "The Hayden Law" from being repealed.

Read about it here and here.
Tell the idiot politicians what you think here.
Why is it that  instead of addressing the issues that are financially straining the state they instead seek to cut beneficial programs?  Why not address the issues that is creating this reality?  Why is it that, in regards to animals and shelters, it is never the people that are held accountable… when, in the first place, it is people that create the issue of unwanted cats and dogs.  How about putting breeders out of business and making it a felony to breed and sell animals while millions are killed in shelters every year?!?  I realize that actually addressing some financial issues that the state of California faces would be, you can say, rather non-politically correct… and we want to avoid that at all cost right?
If you buy a cat or a dog from a breeder you do not love or value animals; you are not part of the solution, rather, you are part of the problem. 
Oh yeah, I did use the tag “holocaust”.  I realize human beings are so self-important that only human beings may experience genocide and holocaust. But you see, this here, this is my blog, and according to me, any type of living being that is created and then destroyed en mass is enduring its own holocaust.

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