Help persuade Wikipedia To Protest The Internet Blacklist Bills…

Wikipedia is considering “going black” to protest Internet censorship. Wikipedia is a non-profit organization, and if enough Internet users pledge to donate at least $1 to Wikipedia, it will reduce the burden on them if they choose to join the protests. We’ll update you once Wikipedia makes a final decision.
They will never, ever, be able to defeat piracy unless they implement Draconian laws such as this that completely locks down and filters what we can and can’t do online… and online is the only source we have to do our own research on events around the world, a source that, at this time, lacks corporate and political filters.  And instead of addressing the real problems (why people pirate vs buying) actions such as this do not promote growth… instead of adapting, these organizations, ones that reap billions of dollars, will continue to view anything as “lost sale” in which they were entitled to.  The MPAA and RIAA have yet to learn, and probably will never learn… they are in fact wealthy beyond my wildest imagination, but as is always the case, it is never enough.  
Further, isn’t it about time that our politicians cease working for corporations and their lobbies and start working for the benefits of their constituents?!?  The fact that some of these assholes holding office waste our tax money, which pays their salaries, to protect imaginary corporate lost profit instead of issues that may better our lives is outrageous.  It’s 2012, not 1984… and it’s high fucking time our politicians cease being corporate whores.

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  1. l3anyan · January 12, 2012

    i need to find a new home for my blog. i am not happy with this site at all.

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