The view from Garbage Grove…

I shot this video when I was with a patient at work today…

Update – 11/18/2011
Can you guess what the air quality for Orange County, CA was yesterday the 17th of November?  It was moderate (to unhealthy for those with allergies or other similar issues).  
Can you guess what the primary pollutant was?  It was fine particulates… PM2.5 to be exact.  PM2.5 means that the particulates are so small they can only be measured with an electron microscope.  PM2.5 means that the particles are smaller than 2.5 micrometers, or, in other words, one hundred times thinner than human hair.  
Can you guess what the primary causes of PM2.5 pollution is?  It is, in fact, primarily heavy metals and toxic organic compounds.
Next time you see what you believe to be chemtrails, vapor trails, contrails, or grey/white rainbows with unicorns and leprechauns frollicking about them outside, I challenge you to view your local air quality index.  
Of course there are many causes of PM2.5 particulate pollution, it is very interesting when you find that the vast majority of the surrounding area to have good air quality with the primary pollutant being ozone.  The video above was shot yesterday from Garden Grove, CA, and I witnessed the trails being carried to the south.  Later, when viewing the air quality for OC, where the trails were sprayed, and to where they were carried by natural forces, the air quality was as described above… while other areas, such as the greater Los Angeles area and Inland Empire (each chock-full of cars, trucks, trains, and industry) had “good” air quality with lower PM2.5 pollution.  Coincidence?

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