Public Image Limited studio rehearsals 1981 & 1983…

… some interesting unreleased material from what appears to be two seperate events. A series of incomplete tracks, possible roughs or demos, assumed to be from Park South Studios in N.Y.C. in prep for the imploding “Commercial Zone” LP. On the other reel we have a tour rehearsal or soundcheck, also undated (82 or 83) and apparently uncirculated. Many Thanks to  JJL69, spunk01, and powow for helping identify this material. The ? in the lineage is, as best as could be described, supposed 10″ Reel to Reel > Cassette > Cassette, mine being the 2nd gen. No lineage on the reel 2 reel, but close to the original source. The story as told to me is:  the UK arm of the American record company that Public Image recorded for had some reels hand delivered from the UK to America sometime in 1983. During that process, the reels were dubbed to cassette, and those were the cassettes that I made copies of (so my 2nd gen tape to you). The reels we could assume to be at least 2nd gen, but thats only a guess. I am unaware if these shows have ever been traded before.”

Sound quality: A
Download link: mediafire

Sadly Jah Wobble was no longer part of the lineup beginning 1981… but you still are left with the brilliance of Atkins, Levene, and Lydon.  The first track is an excellent demo of “The Order of Death” titled here as “The Slab”.

If you are a fan this is a must-have.


Reposted from Symphony of Ghosts.

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