U.S. government and "Big Pharma" is actively supressing alternative cancer treatment…

The FDA, pharmaceutical companies, and the Texas Medical Board are going after Stanislaw Burzynski, founder of the Burzynski Research Institute, an institute that is looking at ways to actually attack cancer at the ROOT CAUSE, not the effects.

Please watch this: 

The FDA are the same corrupt morons that will NOT make companies disclose ingredients due to trade secrecy laws, the same ones that allow thousands of new chemicals and drugs to hit the consumer market, and the same ones that refuse to require disclosure of GMO ingredients. This is one fine example of how utterly corrupt Washington DC and our government agencies have become.

Also, the Burzynski Research Institute is not isolated in that they are being persecuted and threatened by the corporate sector and their controlled politicians and gov’t agencies… research on YOUR end can prove this fact should you outright refuse to admit this reality. I challenge you to see that the Gerson Institute only has locations in Mexico and Europe, not here, and guess what their threatening treatment is??? Nutrition. They are not allowed to treat cancer in the United Corporations of America because they do not use DRUGS. Disagree? CALL THEM.

There are MANY more as well… such as you cannot practice ozone therapy in the U.S. Get off your asses and do some research and maybe we can turn this around and truly be free with options WE want for OUR health, not what greedy executives and politicians want…

One day you yourself or someone you love might develop cancer and only have limited treatment options of drugs, chemo, and radiation. Think about that for a minute… if it were my life on the line I would of course want to go to the Gerson Institute before dousing myself with drugs/chemicals/radiation. 


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  1. l3anyan · November 22, 2011

    Here, in the good ol' US of A you got three options should you get cancer: chemo”therapy”, get radiated, or get cut open.

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