Contrail or Chemtrail?

The public at large is asleep at the wheel.

Here is one for all the people out there that think silly things about what has been happening all over the northern hemisphere (US, UK, EU, Canada, etc) such as jet exhaust, clouds, or vapor/contrails.

Here is a picture I took myself just days ago (these lingered and dispersed over the duration of HOURS):

So, really, this post is for the ignorant naysayers… people that really have no clue what are normal flight paths in their area even after having lived there for years (aircraft, especially commercial, are primarily on autopilot with the exception of takeoff and landing FYI), and for people that like to live confined in their cozy, comfortable reality.  Watch the video below (do yourself a favor and mute this video):

The fact of the matter is; a) “they” know the word is getting out about “something” taking place, b) “they” do this at times under the cover of night, c) they are now avoiding working an obvious grid and instead plot dispersion, d) nobody knows what and why “they” are doing what “they” are doing… nor does anyone know who “they” are, and e) of course NORAD knows of these flights… as well as your local FAA office, they would have information as ALL flights have a flight number, but they refuse to give out that info – I’ve called myself.  All I know is that “it” is happening and myself and many of the people I care about breath the air this is in.

There is some documentaries out there should you wish to look into it more, some better than others, but as I said, in the end, the only people that know anything for certain are those that are involved.

I created a myspace page years ago (since abandoned) that you can also look at:

If this does not wake you up then I don’t know what will:

Aircraft cannot turn on and off contrails.  These trails are over Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, and Chicago, and all points in between and then some, many trails begin and end in the middle of nowhere.  There you go.  Please wake up or go breath deeply outside when you see what you believe to be contrails or exhaust.

Back in 2007 my friend in Whittier, CA had my camera and there was HEAVY spraying… I called him and asked him to take pictures for me – the best one you can see below which is an amazing shot.

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