A two minute video which illustrates the fact that about 14/15 people in China do not operate on a moral basis.

Correction: 18 out of 19 (not 14/15). Pathetic.

A picture is always worth a thousand words… isn’t it?

10/21/2011: Wang Yue, died shortly after midnight of brain and organ failure.
“The respected Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper quoted a man it identified only as a hardware merchant Mr. Chen as saying that he had been receiving crank calls ever since someone picked him out as the 16th passer-by. He said he hadn’t noticed the child.”

And they say comments about Asians bad driving is a stereotype???  The guy couldn’t see a fucking girl in a pool of blood feet from him!!!  Obviously he is lying.  Only the drivers of the vans are being held by police… why not all the shitheads walking right by her?  Fuck them all.



  1. anonymous · October 19, 2011

    Just want to thank you….had a really shitty day and had lost all hope in the human race prior to watching this. Thanks for sealing that concept. Now I really won't be able to sleep tonight. It was my fault of course for ignoring the disclaimer at the start of the video.

  2. ML · October 20, 2011

    Wow. What the fuck?

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