Taking hypocrisy to a new level…

This has been a pretty horrible week for me personally.  Aside from a job I absolutely dislike (what am I going to do?), for one reason or another, and my failure to save a two week old kitten some homeless lady had, I am currently listening to NPR in the car (I don’t know why because for the most part it is absolute crap).

I have long thought what has been transpiring in Libya to be a criminal act.  I could see right through the corporate media’s reports and spin.  I knew, or had a good grasp on the reasons, why and how the western powers (under the thumb of the globalist banking elite) were supporting TRUE insurgents within what should be a sovereign nation.  Anyone with a shred of knowledge of world affairs can surmise it has absolutely nothing to do with a humanitarian effort.  NATO are supporting and assisting elements of the globalist wild card… al qaeda.  NATO is supporting the toppling of a regime that actually has a vested interest in African affairs and has actually served of benefit (extent is arguable, but the fact remains they weren’t doing harm) the people of the African continent.  NATO is supporting the overthrow of a regime that has come to sit at the table with the “west” post-9/11.  Yet, we, basically under a controlled media, are supposed to believe a one-sided account of the Libyan government.  Ask anyone that has recently visited a foreign nation, outside of France, the UK, Canada, and the US, and, if they are honest, they will tell you of images concocting a very different reality than what can be seen and heard on NBC or CNN (or Fox and NPR – you get the jist here).

While I was listening to NPR they were interviewing people and talking about how they think everything will work out and democracy will flourish (where the hell have these morons been to even consider this a possibility?) among the people.  They then, immediately went into a piece that scratched the surface to how much Gaddafi is actually liked, stating he has many friends within Africa and “he has done very much throughout Africa, such as building mosques and assisting the impoverished”.  Is Gaddafi really naughty or nice?  How the fuck do I know… how do you know?  Sure as hell, neither of us know and I am, I think, among the very few that finds this all rather sad and the fact that your average American just laps up what the media throws out like a kitten to milk beyond pathetic.


On top of all this, we here in America, have a president that sidelines our Congress, commits resources and forces to Libya [or off of] by the authority of the United Nations (I thought I live in the United States, not the United Nations).  Worse more, we have a population that doesn’t notice (or doesn’t care) any of this [way back to 9/11], one that elects Representatives that do not care about anything other than campaign contributions/gifts/staying in office.  I am finding myself, now more than ever, wanting to leave this country.  I don’t want my taxes paying for this (or for Goldman Sachs bonuses or illegal immigrant educations or Iraq or Yemen or Pakistan or Iran or Afghanistan).  I am sick of sitting by as a spectator… and in a sea of ignorance and bliss you are completely at the mercy of the idiot masses. Also, the problem for those of us that would like to find a new country the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes are doing so nearly everywhere else on this planet.

If I believed in a god or that praying did anything at all I would no doubt be praying for those in Libya defending from insurgents and withstanding misguided bombs.  How is it when my country invades another nation, based on lies and falsehoods, that the people of the nation invaded become insurgent and terrorists should they resist invasion or attempt to rise up against it???  I can only hope those that create more suffering and needless conflict never be whole or happy… and one day be held accountable.  I wish the fairy tale of a fiery hell and horned devil was real.  If it was at least there would be job growth there and at least there would be accountability finally.

Want to learn about al qaeda and the Libyan takeover?  Read THIS(!) article please.


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  1. l3anyan · September 1, 2011

    Another good article regarding the rape and pillage of Libya, new as of August 30, can be found below:


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